James R. Dunson (jdunson) wrote in vtsffc,
James R. Dunson

MS03-039. Joy.

Remember the whole RPC DCOM vulnerability, MS03-026, Blaster, and all that? Well, like a bad Hollywood sequel it turned out that the monster wasn't as dead as people thought, and it's back for a rematch. MS03-039 (a.k.a. KB824146) just came out, to patch the original hole (in case somehow you hadn't) and three new similar ones, two of which allow attackers full access to and control over your system.

This has the potential to be even worse than Blaster, because the black hats can take advantage of a lot of the existing exploits and just tweak them. Various experts consider that serious intrusion attempts are likely within days, if not sooner. Patch now (as in tonight), people, before you become another statistic; Windows Update should show it as a Critical Update for most systems.

This has been an on-the-spot report from your friendly local sysadmin, typing live from the dikes with one hand because the other is in up to the shoulder trying to stem the flood...
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