Jedi Bren Derlin (brenderlin) wrote in vtsffc,
Jedi Bren Derlin

Slave-er, VOLUNTEERS needed for Tcon 21.

e-mail I attempted to send to various VTSFFC clubs *pokepokes admin to approve the e-mail sent to*

Hello! Chief of Security/Head of Volunteers of Tcon 21 speaking.

As many of you know, Technicon 21 is less than two months away. So I figure it's about time for me to get off my lazy tail and make a call out for volunteers. Basically, I need volunteers for things like: helping set up/take down the con, monitor the Art Show, monitor the Dealer's room, run errands, basic security patrols (both day and night), and anything else that may come up during the con.
The benefit of being a volunteer is you can register at a discount, provided you work for 9 or more hours throughout the con.

If you're interested
[or know someone who's interested], e-mail me at, or

-Bren Derlin

P.S. Sorry if you get this multiple times. I'm trying to reach out to as many of the clubs as I can. =*^.^*=
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